share your heritage
with ickle bao

Crafted in and shipped from the UK, Ickle Bao provides hand crafted gifts and clothing for babies born lucky to share Chinese and British heritage and culture.

With only 0.7% of the UK’s population identifying as Chinese, we don’t come into the equation when large retailers are making their buying decisions. But at Ickle Bao we know we deserve the right to dress in clothes that truly represent who we are.

Born in the UK, our head designer spent roughly half of their life living in Hong Kong and mainland China. Our management team speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin interchangeably just like the business meetings you used to see on TVB. We have 5,000 years of stories to draw upon, to help you bring your own experience and personality into your own family’s personal story.

Proudly British, Proudly Chinese, share your family’s heritage with Ickle Bao.